Buyer´s Protection

Cancelon does its best to protect its users. Please read below our buyer protection terms with respect to reservations bought from other customers.


Cancelon mediates between Seller and Buyer to secure both sides:

When a user buys a hotel reservation on Cancelon, the reservation is in a Request status. If the reservation is not confirmed by Cancelon within 24-48 hours after payment (depending on check-in date), Cancelon will refund the buyer. As soon as the Cancelon team approves the reservation, we will forward you the reservation confirmation email from the hotel with your name on it.


Paying for a reservation:
To pay for a reservation you chose you will be able to use your credit card. Seller will get the money for the transaction a day after the check-out day. This is to prevent Sellers from selling the reservation to more than one person. 


Make your own offer: 

If you found a reservation that you like but the price is too high, please feel free to submit your offer. We will forward it to Seller and will update you if Seller agrees to your offer. Our experience shows that normally Sellers agree to reasonable offers.

Utilizing the reservation you bought:


In case the hotel doesn’t allow you to use the reservation you bought, Cancelon will give you a full refund for the amount you paid. Just contact Cancelon as soon as the problem arises. Cancelon will not be responsible to find you an alternative reservation for the one you were not able to use.


We look forward to serve you.

Cancelon Team