Taking The Risk Out Of Priceline

We get a lot of visitors who want to resell their non-refundable hotel reservations made through Priceline. Although Priceline’s Name Your Own Price feature offers some great deals, booking a hotel on Priceline is not without risk.First, you do not find out what hotel you will be staying at until after you buy. Second, all reservations are non-refundable when you bid on a hotel room.

We at Cancelon can help you sell your reservation. However, we recently came across a website called HotelDealsRevealed that can help take the risk out of bidding on hotel before you purchase.

The website is crowd sourced by a community of Priceline customers who share their purchase details with each other, such as the hotel name and price paid, which normally remain a secret and which Priceline does not want you to know.

This can help travellers:

  • Identify their hotel before placing a bid on Priceline.
  • Figure out how much to bid based on the actual price paid by others.

Identifying A Priceline Hotel

Each time someone posts the details of their successful Priceline purchase on HotelDealsRevealed site, the information (such as the hotel name, star level, and bidding zone) is put into a master list of hotels known to be on Priceline. Here’s an example of how the Priceline hotel lists can help before you make your purchase:

Say you’re going to Las Vegas and are bidding on a 5 star hotel in the “Strip Vicinity North” bidding zone. After checking the Priceline Las Vegas hotels list, you can see that there is only 1 hotel known to be on Priceline that matches your bidding criteria: Trump Hotel Las Vegas. As a Priceline customer, you can either bid in this zone knowing this is the hotel you will likely receive, or avoid the disappointment if you do not wish to stay there.

Determining How Much To Bid

Priceline has some rules around how often you can bid on a hotel. The intention is to prevent customers from low balling a bid and working their way up to get the rock bottom price. This is where the Priceline Forum on HotelDealsRevealed can help. Actual Priceline customers post their “winning bids” on Priceline, including the name of the hotel, dates and price paid. Checking the discussion forum, you would quickly learn that the Trump Hotel typically goes for between $80 and $120 per night and you should bid somewhere in that range. Bidding lower will not likely be accepted, but you do not need to bid much higher than $120 per night either.

It is worth mentioning that HotelDealsRevealed is predominantly North America focused, and only recently have they started collecting data for European cities. As well, the site should be used only as a guide to aid in the bidding of hotel purchases on Priceline. The vast majority of the information on the site is crowd sourced from travellers and not official Priceline data. Nonetheless, the site can be a helpful tool to use before bidding on Priceline. Of course, should you need to cancel your Priceline hotel reservation, you can always use Cancelon.