Discount Hotels Online

 Hotel Reservations at significant discounts


Hotel accommodations can take up a large portion of a vacation budget.  Fortunately, there are many excellent and affordable discount hotels available for any kind of vacation.  Discount hotels reservations can be made for beach, casino, family vacation destinations and more. 


Find the Perfect Discount Hotel

Hotel rooms can be expensive which may put a damper on a vacation budget.  Luckily, there are plenty of discount hotel rooms available all the time.  The first step in finding a discount hotel is to use a website that allows you to bid on hotel prices.  Generally, the best deals on hotels can be found with 3.5 or 4 star hotels – bidding should be concentrated on these hotels.  A good deal on a 5 star hotel is rare with the exception of casino destinations like Las Vegas.  Discount hotel room bidding sites will often send counter offers during the bidding process and it is recommended to always place a bid that is below this counter offer price.  In many cases, the lower bid will be accepted.  Another way to save on hotels is to make discount hotel reservations at 2 hotels if the vacation length is at least 5 or 6 days.  Many hotels are not willing to give discounted rates for longer stays but do offer discounts for 2 to 3 day stays. 


Popular Destination Discount Hotel Rooms

There are a variety of great destination discount hotels.  Many hotels offer complete vacation packages along with discount hotel reservations.  One popular vacation destination for couples and families alike are beach hotels.  During the off-season, many beach hotels have empty rooms and work diligently to fill these rooms by offering great discount hotel reservations – a perfect opportunity to head to the beach.  Another great destination vacation is to amusement or theme parks.  Many theme parks are located in places where sunshine and warm weather is abundant nearly all year round and are a favourite choice for families.  Fortunately for discount hotel hunters, most families only take vacations during the summer months, leaving theme park hotels fairly empty during the off-season.  When tourism is down, theme park hotels try to bring in more customers by offering discount hotel rooms.  These hotels are also affiliated with the local theme parks and may even offer exclusive ticket or event packages for the theme park.  For an adult-oriented vacation, casino destinations are a great choice.  These hotels generally have discounted rates all year round and offer even lower prices for weekdays.