Best Hotel Reservation Deals


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How to get best deals for hotel reservation ?

You want to go on vacation but prefer not to mortgage the house to pay for it. Since hotels are often the greatest cost of a vacation – they are a good place to start to lower those high vacation costs. What's the best way to get hotel reservation deals? Believe it or not, you can have a great vacation at a reasonable price if you follow a few simple guidelines.

You can get find great hotel reservation deals online at travel sites or via the hotel's own website. If you want to do it the old fashioned way, call the hotel personally and get ready to bargain. Those who aren’t willing to negotiate are stuck with what is known as the "Rack Rate" This dreaded term refers to the highest price offered by then hotel and is reserved only for those who don’t ask for a discount. Don't say we didn't warn you!

The best time to get a discount is just before the deal is done. After you manage to get the perfect room for the just right dates ask them for their best rate. Pause for the answer. Then ask if there is an even better rate! Pause again. Wait, you are still not finished. Then ask if they have any "special offers". Only after this third question can you rest assured you have gotten the best possible deal.

 Keep in mind that hotels offer the lowest rates during the off season, so consider planning your vacation when everyone else is slaving away at the office! Also, make sure you know the hotel's rules for cancelling in case you need to ever do a hotel cancellation.


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